15 Dec 2008

Round 2: Too Stingy to Be Sane

Just like before, we went through a lot of crap houses before we found one we really felt would work well for us. Once again, it was down near my family, and only a few streets over from the first house, and only 2 streets from my sister’s! Angelee absolutely loved this one also, so we went for it. The house was the last house in the subdivision that hadn’t been purchased, and had been on the market nearly a year, so we felt like we could snatch it pretty low. The selling agent told us another offer had gone in on the house a few hours before ours, and so (once again) entered a bidding war. Only this time, I had a sneaky suspicion that the agent made it up because we offered so low (I think it was 60k less than asking price). In the end, we only came up 15k to our ceiling price, and the builder wasn’t willing to sell for less than 20k below, so we lost out again, not willing to move the extra 15k they were asking for. By this time, I was tired of seeing houses. This came mostly because I don’t have nearly as strict a set of criteria as Angelee does, so when we’d go see a house that I really thought had potential, she just didn’t have any eyes for it at all. Eventually we came up with a system where she worked with Dustin at getting lists of homes to go see, and then if any were of high potential on her list, I would go see them and we’d decide whether or not to put in an offer.

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