15 Dec 2008

Round 1: Too Good to Be True

In March we found an absolutely fantastic home in provo near my family. The house had everything we wanted. The location, size, layout, and sheer awesomeness of the place was really really cool. Only one problem. There was already a buyer on the line and they were pretty close to closing. Well, we wanted that house something fierce, so we went after it and went into a crazy bidding war on it (mind you, it was a short sale). In the end, we lost out on the house, which was semi-devastating at the time. A look back on it now,what a blessing we didn’t get it. It was WAY out of our current budget, for one thing. I had at the time a fairly high paying job (highest I’ve ever been paid by a long shot) and we felt very secure there. As I’m writing this, that company has been out of business for nearly 4 months, and I’m still owed two final paychecks that I’m not really banking on anymore. Long story short, it is a good thing we didn’t get it!

After we lost that house we kinda lost faith in house hunting. The budget thing came to a head and we realized that we would’ve died had we gotten that mortgage (just like all the other in-over-their-head mortgage owners causing this fabulous financial crisis). Also, Anders was due to arrive mid July and we didn’t have much heart to get set on a house in the midst of the business end of the 9 month haul. Once we felt settled with Anders near the end of July, we felt like it was time to get started again.

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