18 Jul 2009

Just to Complete a Goal People...

As you may (or may not) have noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life has been life-ing and I’ve had a plethora of things to write about, just not a lot of time, since most of the things I want to write about require tact and skill so as not to offend one or more parties who read (or more likely don’t read) this blog. Ugh, that was a mouthful. So why the post tonight? Well, mostly because I forced myself to.

Some of you may have read the post a few months back where I detailed the new service I’ve been developing and had just deployed: One Simple Goal (OSG). Today I decided that I was going to write a post, and decided to set it as my one goal that I would like to accomplish today. At the time, I was very much “in the mood” to write, and had a few things on my mind. But, the time being at work, I didn’t really get a change to sit down and brain dump. So, instead I set the goal, and have been nagged by it for the remainder of the day.

The best part about OSG is that it gives you a really good excuse to actually get your goals done: there’s only one per day. One. Uno. Un. Eins. That means that you only have to focus on getting one goal accomplished for the day. Simple as that. As I finished pushing a few fixes and features to OSG a few minutes ago, I was ready to close the computer and hit the sack. Then I realized I could fulfill my goal by ranting for just a minute or two on the old blog. And hey, it just might get me in the writing mode again. You have been warned.

Oh, and if you feel like your life is out of control, give OSG a try and let me know what you think. It’s pretty powerful stuff.