31 Jul 2009

Alive and Well

In a world of tech blogs… why do we need yet another? We don’t. So don’t read this post. No, seriously, you don’t want to.

Ok ok ok, please do. Wait, you’re already here. Great, read on then!

“Are you ready to rock?” » Alive and well by Rise Against from The Unraveling (before they sucked).

Once upon a time, I had a dream. That dream was to roll my own blog in Rails and show the world the awesomeness that was me. And so I bought rand9.com with full intentions of launching my blog in a few days. Well, days turned into a week, a week into several weeks, several weeks into several months, etc.

At some point in the early going I realized I wasn’t super close to deploying the blog, so I ended up building a simple static “Coming Soon” page (that did not have an “Under Construction” animated gif), stating some important things about me, including the tagline which read: “Coming Soon-ish”. Needless to say, that “soon-ish” has been much more “later-ish” than I anticipated, to the tune of 9 months-ish. At least, I think it’s been that long, maybe longer.

I won’t go into details about the platform I’m now using, only that it’s called Marley and it’s super rad. I didn’t roll it myself, but went with someone else’s great idea and did a few mods here and there to suit my needs. I plan on following this post with a comprehensive look at Marley, and when I do I’ll update this post with a link to that post. Whew.

I just want you all to know (you know who you are) that I am once again blogging, and this is my tech blog where I’ll be adding programming/tech related content and keeping ya’ll updated on the great projects I’m working on (yes, I do have a non-tech personal blog). Till then, I bid you adieu.

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