27 May 2010

Ruby Dailies

Back in January (a whopping 5 months ago!) I started at a new position for an up and coming startup company in Utah. I left my previous employer who had treated me extremely well, given me great opportunities to learn and grow, and ultimately put me in a great position to yet again catapult into even bigger and better things.

One of the biggest draws for coming to the new company was the opportunity I was given to choose the language and platform for an entirely new product, one I’d be driving the development of while running my own team. The majority of the team was leaning towards Python, but during the interview process I made it quite clear that it was my goal to do the thing in Ruby. Previous to this opportunity, I’d done a lot of ruby on the side for clients and my own projects, but it hadn’t quite cracked into the full-time gig. Here was my chance.

It took a week or so to nail everyone down to the decision to move forward with Ruby and Sinatra, but it’s been an awesome decision for us. I honestly am so happy each day solving problems in the unbelievably friendly language that is Ruby. I’ve learned an enormous amount, and feel like I’m at the point where I can start sharing a lot of the ruby tidbits I come across each day. I’m going to call this article series the Ruby Dailies, and the plan is to post a few articles a week showing off some neat things.

Naturally, being a somewhat late newcomer to the ruby party, so much of what I have learned so far allows me to stand on the shoulders of (ruby) giants: Matz, _why, Ezra, Yehuda, DHH, Wanstrath, and tons of others. Obviously I’ll give credit where credit is due when posting these tidbits. Stay tuned!