15 Dec 2008

Round 4: How About Just Perfect

The heartbreaking loss of that house numbed us emotionally forever towards buying a home. I’m not saying we won’t buy one, or that we won’t like what we buy, but we’re literally at the point where putting in an offer is now more business than the pure adrenaline excitement it was before. It has come to that point where emotional detachment is better, saves you from being kicked in the stomach when things (more than likely) don’t work out.

Such it was for us that these feelings came as the next real opportunity to own our own home was presented. A friend of my brother’s was getting ready to put their house for sale, but knew that we were looking to buy and asked if we’d be interested. Their home is located on the next street over from my sister’s house (you can see the back of theirs from the front window), and 2 streets from my brother’s house. We went to see the home, and definitely knew we would like it since the floor plan is nearly identical to my sister’s. We gave them a straight up number we could go at, and they rejected us outright on it, said it was too low. That’s okay, right? No hard feelings, move on.

Well, just a week or so after they rejected our price they came back ready to re-negotiate (something we hadn’t counted on) and within a day or two we had a deal struck, where we both gave a little and took a little. It has been utterly refreshing to work with people we know semi-well, especially because the seller’s wife is the agent. For a while there, Dustin didn’t have to do much at all because my wife and the seller’s wife were doing all the communication. We eventually handed it back to Dustin and he’s been handling things wonderfully. Today we had the home inspection done, and it passed with nearly flying colors. Tomorrow is the appraisal (cross your fingers), and next week if all goes well we’ll have signed on our very first home! Due to some scheduling issues with Christmas and whatnot, we’ll be moving in somewhere around the 1st of January. We are super excited to get things all wrapped up, have a great christmas, and then get moved in. BTW, you’ll probably be getting a call sometime around new years to see if you’re willing to help us move. You have been warned. If your cell phone rings once (or not at all), I’ll assume you’ve gone incommunicado for a few days as a result, and will not hold you accountable. Wish us luck!

Oh, and one more thing. We’re planning on doing an Open House / Birthday party for me a few weeks after we move in. Homemade Sushi will be served (as well as other asian cuisine for the not-so-sushi friendly crowd). So, you should plan on being there, cause it will be a good time.

This post is part 4 in a 5 part series. To see the other posts go to the main post entitled My Really Great Family (and our search for a home).