24 Jul 2008

Narrow Your Search Results

In light of the current thoughts and inspirations that I have been experiencing, I thought I’d record this epiphany that I have had in the last few days with regards to achieving goals. Like many people I know, every so often I get the gumption to set a bazillion goals to improve my life. I’ve had lists with 10 things, and lists with 110 things, yet each time I’ve created a goals list I am on fire for a short time, and then subconsciously decide not to do them.

I generally bail on a set of goals because of the scope those goals entail. I’m often setting goals for things like hygiene, eating/sleeping habits, work ethics, etc. What’s more, many (or all) goals that have been set and abandoned are truly worthwhile things that I’d like to achieve… which is all the more frustrating. So here we go again. Only this time, I plan on succeeding.

This time my M.O. is to focus entirely on one goal at a time, overshadowed by a much larger goal that I could work on for the remainder of my life. A singular focus. By focusing on a single goal, I will have the ability to devote all my time and energy into incrementally achieving it, and getting incrementally closer to the “pie in the sky”.

A few weeks ago in church I had a similar stroke of inspiration and took some quick notes… so here it is.


Bad habits I don’t like

  • Sleeping In.
  • Too much carbonation.
  • Not enough physical activity.
  • Poor Commitment to certain personal aspects.

Good habits I do like

  • Constant refinement of software skills.
  • Spend most of my time with my family.
  • Better than average talents.
  • Vigorous determination to be better.

Goals I’d like to Achieve

  • Consistently overcome my bad habits, converting them to good habits where possible.
  • Continue to improve upon my good habits.
  • Start multiple business.
  • Own rental property.
  • Own/trade stock.

Ways to overcome bad habits

  • Choose one subject at a time to overcome.
  • Set small achievable goals for a one week period of time.
  • Continue to achieve the goal in one week increments until I get 100% accomplishment for the week.
  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat…

The next few posts will likely start boiling down to “whadda you want, whadda you want, whadda you want, whadda you want, whadda you want, whadda you want” so that I can decide what it is that I want to focus on. This is where the fun begins.