21 Apr 2009

In a Rut and Tired of It

You may or may not know me very well. Truthfully, I doubt any of you really know me, except for Tyler maybe, and my wife of course. I’ll just fill you in a bit since you’re on the outs: I’ve been in a big time rut for the last few months. Any semi-regular readers of this blog will know that I have a passion for programming and design, and that I have the entrepreneurial spirit of an eagle (or mongoose?). I have an incredible desire to work on my own businesses (or with a few well qualified individuals) and to have the opportunity to do something more in my life than sit at a desk and perform the whims of an employer. The Problem

That being said, I have been at the bottom of an enormous rut, trenched largely due to my own inaction. I know, I know, here I sit on the interwebs posting things about how you can be a go-getter and build your own business, and here I am basically hypocritical in nearly every way imaginable. I’ve been up against a wall of sorts, and I’ve basically done the worst thing you can possibly do in that situation: stared up at the summit, knowing I needed to be there, knowing I could be there, but deciding to sit at the bottom for no better reason than that it seemed difficult to accomplish.

My mind is constantly restless, ever conjuring new and more grand schemes of how to achieve my lofty goals of owning several automated businesses, yet here I sit, no closer to actualizing those dreams than I was 6 months ago. There has certainly been no lack of idea generation with how to accomplish my goals, or at least, which avenue of business I should take to move forward. The dearth has been in my lacking motivation to overcome the obstacles that arise. Learning new programming languages, understanding the paradigms of business management, continuing to provide for my family (and pay the bills); all these are obstacles that have arisen which I have generally had no answering words for. A possible solution

I have always believed that we have the power in ourselves (given from God) to overcome all obstacles. At no time has this counsel been clearer to me in my mind than it is now. I have the ability to change my situation, and need only to make a conscious choice to change my state, and to then immediately take action towards the desired goal. The little engine expressed “I think I can, I think I can [etc ad nauseam]”, but my mantra will be “I Know I can, I Know I can!” So, here’s what I’m going to do. Set One simple goal each night before going to bed, to be completed the following day. The goal can range anywhere from spiritual to entrepreneurial. Simplicity will be favored over complexity, but I won’t be shying away from possible complex issues. The point is to do **SOMETHING**. **It is my desire that each day I will produce a favorable gain in removing some obstacle that has stood in my way recently. Some of these obstacles I wish to work on incrementally (in no particular order):

  • Develop better sleep habits (currently the worst they’ve ever been).
  • Finally fix my blog comments form (has been giving me absolute hell).
  • Actually releasing my rails blog to production (coming soon-ish just doesn’t cut it anymore).
  • Figuring out the Objective-C nuances that I simply don’t understand currently.
  • Introducing some level of Scripture Study and Prayer into my daily routine.
  • Consistently working on projects that will allow me to one day break free.

Daily, consistent action. Simple, achievable goals (one per day). Happy, well-deserved success. These are the things I strive for, and thank you for allowing me to bare a portion of my soul. I feel a bit better now. :)

What are you doing to break out of (or stay out of) your Ruts?